Valentine's Dinner

Valentine's Dinner

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  • Valentine's Dinner - $49.99

    Each Dinner Package Includes Heart-shaped Certified Black Agnus Boneless Ribeye Steak, 2 4oz Cold Water Lobster Tails, Twice Baked Potato, Green Bean Almondine, Baguette, & Guth's Chocolate. DINNERS ARE SERVED COLD. COOKING INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED.
  • Note: 1 package serves 2
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    Dinners are available February 10th - 14th. Not eligible for delivery.
    *Please allow at least a 4-hour notice for pickup
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    *We will try our best to have your order ready for pickup at the requested time; however, the exact available pickup time will be confirmed with a follow up call or email to your request.
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